2013 02 25 13:00  Letter to Leaders

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I-75 is the longest and most centroidal route through the most populous North American cluster.  Homeland Defense, National Defense, and most importantly General Commerce -- JOBs -- depend on this vital ARTERY.  The Cincinnati Bridge is at the center - the HEART - of this Eastern United States. 

I-75 is an unBroken spine except at the Michigan toll bridges, one at the Canadian border and one connecting the upper peninsula; and a toll road traversing the terminal segment over the Florida alligators.

There is no higher national priority than to address this chokepoint that costs this Nation each year more than the cost to now, at the lowest foreseeable cost, augment the Brent Spence Bridge by a new National Bridge, paid by increase of the gas Tax, especially the Federal component.

The $0.184/gal Federal tax raised last by President Reagan in 1993 is long overdue for adjustment, in accord with our National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission 2009 Report, to satisfy multiple national imperatives beyond the new Cincinnati National Bridge.  Note MIT study announced in NYT.com on Feb 22.  Every American, whether or not directly using I-75, is served by I-75.  We entrust you to effect our National Imperative. 

Further, tolls are not an option on a local population already long-compromised by this chokepoint in the midst of a uniquely tri-state MSA, and burdened by the noxious insult of this international traffic through our community.

This is Our Premiere National Imperative.  In conjunction with its nearby neighbor, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, http://www.freedomcenter.org, we might consider the name National Freedom Bridge.


GET 2 WORK!!  Glad to help.


Knowledgeably, Respectfully,

john r schmidt, M.S.

president NCAD Corporation, Cincinnati 45202


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I-75 servesEveryAmerican. Longest centroidalARTERY in mostPopulous NAm -unBroken except 2 MI tolls& FL alligators. Cinci Bridge-HEART-E.US. Chokepoint co$ts/yr > co$t/yr 2augment BrentSpence> new NationalFreedomBridge. IncreaseGasTax. MITstudy NYT.com Feb22. Tolls not option on locals long-compromised amidst uniquely tri-state MSA, burdened by noxious insult of international traffic. Defense,CommerceJOBs. Entrusting you to effect i75 National Imperativ